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About Us

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In practice since 2002, Dr. Charles Boley is passionate about helping those in the Roseville,Granite Bay, Rocklin Orangevale, Fair Oaks and the surrounding communities enjoy a better health through natural, noninvasive chiropractic care.

We aim to get people out of pain and encourage them to not put off seeking help.

Providing Comprehensive Care

Dr. Boley provides patients with comprehensive chiropractic care. He asks questions to try to get to the problem and performs very thorough examinations. He offers traditional chiropractic techniques, custom-made orthotics and state-of-the-art therapies such as K-laser.

In fact, he’s the only certified doctor in the area who provides K-laser treatment. The K-laser is highly effective in speeding up the recovery time as it gets the blood flowing back to the area that’s injured.

Helping All Types of Patients

From helping infants to pregnant women to active seniors, we see patients of all ages. We see a lot of active people who want to stay active, but also take those hard-to-crack cases.

Dr. Boley takes the time to listen to patients who come in with interesting problems that nobody else would take. We like to keep people out of pain and then slowly maintain their care. Educating patients about the benefits of chiropractic is also important in our practice.

Discover better health naturally by scheduling an appointment at our chiropractic care center!

DNS  =  Dynamic Neuro-Muscular Stabilization

The stabilizing system of the spine. • Each movement starts with the stabilization of body segments providing balance, efficiency and security to the participating elements. • Activation of the stabilizing muscles during any movement is automatic, or. “subconscious”. • All stabilizing muscles act as a functional unit.

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Located on corner of Sierra College and East Roseville Pkwy. Brown Buildings with Red Awnings

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