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Do You Wear A Back Pack?


Every Friday I have the opportunity to take my son to school. As I watch him exit the car and run off to his classroom. Recently, I noticed that the majority of children are wearing their backpacks incorrectly. Most packs are being worn too low and overloaded.

Here are the recommendations on how to fit a backpack correctly:

One size does not fit all. Ideally, the bottom of the backpack should align with the curve of the lower back, and not more than four inches below the waistline. A backpack's shoulder-strap anchor points should also rest 1 to 2 inches below the top of the shoulders.

Comfort, ease of use, and safety are important. Features to look for when we buy a backpack are: wide, padded, contoured shoulder straps that to distribute the weight over the shoulder. Abdominal strap, designed to distribute the weight across the hips. Also, reflective fabrics to add visibility when kids travel to and from school at dusk or dawn.

Prevent injury with loading correctly: To prevent discomfort and injury, load and wear the backpack correctly. The American Occupational Therapy Association recommends carrying no more than 15 percent of your body weight in a backpack. Load the pack with heavier items like books on the bottom of the pack, and lighter objects like jackets on the top of the pack. But the less weight you carry, the better for your back.

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