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Cube 4 K-Laser

Helping the Great Sacramento Area Be Pain Free

Athletes are getting back in to the game this season, and it’s all due to the revolutionary Cube 4 K-Laser.


It’s no surprise that age, repetitive activity and injury can take a toll on our bodies. According to the Center for Disease Control, chronic conditions like arthritis and inflammation are leading causes of disability in the United States. And localized pain will keep millions of American from exercising, enjoying an active lifestyle, and even walking this year.

The Cube 4 K-laser, the most technologically advanced laser of its kind, has revolutionized Dr. Charles Boley’s practice at Johnson Ranch Chiropractic Wellness and Injury Center. Dr. Boley is the only practitioner with this technology in the Placer County area, and he explains why he chose the laser over others that are on the market.

I chose the K Cube because K-Laser USA is leading the way in research and development”
Dr. Boley

Patients Often See Dramatic Results With the First Treatment

The continuous pulse of this powerful, yet painless laser opens venous lymphatic channels, stimulates production of cellular energy and increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that cross cell membranes. From sports injuries to headache, and even surgical pain, Dr. Boley’s treatment takes just minutes. Using 15 to 20 watts of light, the laser eradicates inflammation and painful nerve stimulation, and “If you can knock out the deep inflammation, the pain level goes down,” Dr. Boley said.

Sarah K., one of Dr. Boley’s patients, recently suffered severe back pain, a result of what she called a bulging disc.

I was afraid to sit down because it was so difficult to stand back up,” Sarah K. said. “I was able to make it in as the injured area was still swelling. I decided to try the Cube K Laser therapy treatment, and not only was there immediate relief during treatment, but I continued to feel better as the day progressed. By the following morning I felt 100 percent better!”
Sarah K.

By evening, Sarah K. was able to get back to her hobby and her livelihood – training horses and teaching ride lessons.

Get Back on the Road to Wellness and the Lifestyle That You Love

Claire, another of Dr. Boley’s athletic patients, had success with the laser treatment, as well. “I was having hip problems that I sustained from running on a treadmill,” she said. “It affected not only my running, but even walking around the house and going up stairs.”

One treatment with the laser and she felt immediate and lasting relief. “I’m trying to get fit and stay fit, and I’ve incorporated Dr. Boley in to my health support team,” the 59 year old said.

Whether you’re running a marathon this spring, or simply running around with your kids, the K-Laser therapy can improve circulation, manage pain, and get you back on the road to wellness and to the lifestyle that you love.

Painless • Non-Invasive • Results • Side-Effect Free

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