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Johnson Ranch Chiropractic Reviews

We invite you to hear what others say about the chiropractic care they receive can help you make an informed healthcare choice.

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Linda Shares Her Freedom from Migraines

“Nice people, great adjustments, everyone should go here”


  • "Great Doctor.

    “Dr. Boley, Is the only Chropractor I have ever been to that try’s to heal the systemic problem rather that just “”cracking your joints”” great experience. Highly recommend him for everyone.”"
  • "Johnson Ranch Chiropractic is awesome!

    “I have been a client at Johnson Ranch for about 5 years now. I have always been made welcome and feel as if I truly matter to the people working there. That in itself makes Johnson Ranch Chiropractic better than 99% of other places of business! But the best thing about JRC is Dr. Boley. I had been experiencing back pain for over a decade before I came to Dr. Boley.

    He is incredible! Not only did he help me correct my back issues, but he helped with my feet, knees, arms, and any other issue I had! I was even able to complete my first marathon thanks to Dr. Boley! In short, I have have never been so happy and healthy until I came to Johnson Ranch Chiropractic and started seeing Dr. Boley."
  • "Treatment improved my ability to work and sleep at night."
  • "Haha! You’re Welcome, Regina!

    “Thanks Dr. Boley, you know just how to crack em!”"
  • "The Best

    Dr. Boley is the best chiropractor I have seen in 30 years of chiropractic care. vast chiropractic and medical knowledge."
  • "Outstanding“

    I could not be more pleased with the professional care I received from Dr. Boley and his staff. Thank you all for looking out for myself and my family in the loving, caring way that you do. Sincerely, Jon R. Peterson”"
  • "Once again Dr. Boley was excellent."
  • "Great Service!

    “Thank you so much for your great service and friendly, caring environment!”"
  • "Excellent Service

    I have been to many other Chiropractors but this place is above the rest!!!"
  • "Feeling better

    “Always a great personal experience, they make you feel like family who truly care to get back to perfect…I look forward to each visit.”"
  • "Awesome Have been a patient for a year. They take good care of their patients. I am satisfied."
  • "Roseville Best Chiropractor

    After 3 years of constant pain and seeing three different specialist and 2 different chiropractor I decided to try Dr. Boley. His methods and his approach to me getting back on my feet was very refreshing. I can now say with 100% confidence that he is the best chiropractor. I have zero pain and would gladly recommend him to anyone. Dr. Boley understands the complex nature of pain and how to treat your body to get back living again."
  • "A nice relaxing place with a friendly staff and Dr. Boley is very knowledgeable."
  • "Best. Chiropractor. Ever."
  • "Relief so that I can get back to work!

    “I have been a patient of Dr. Boley’s for a number of years… I appreciate that he and his staff took the time to get to know me and understand my physical challenges. He planned a course of action for me to get better. I stuck to it, listened to his suggestions, and today I feel much better. I do continue to see Dr. Boley, not so much for pain, but for regular “”Spinal Health Maintenance”” as I call it. Needless to say I would highly recommend Dr. Boley and his staff at Johnson Ranch Chiropractic.”"
  • "Johnson Ranch Chiropractic is the best!

    I was highly skeptical of chiropractic in general but at the time I sought out help from Dr. Boley I was desperate. I was living in pain every day and beginning to feel hopeless. Dr. Boley and his staff are the perfect blend of professionalism and sincere personal care. They are great and I would recommend them to anybody who is serious about recovery."
  • "Excellent Care

    Dr. Boley and staff are wonderful. Chiropractic care has offered great relief and lessened pain. I would recommend Dr. Boley to anyone who is suffering from pain."
  • "“Professional, friendly, and knowledgable”

    “The staff and Dr. Boley are very friendly and professional. They also know a lot about various injuries, causes of pain, and how to cure them. Dr. Boley isn’t your average chiropractor who just does adjustments. He is into healing the whole body and has various approaches to help the body heal and become stronger.”"
  • "Professional and Uplifting

    The Johnson Ranch Chiropractic staff are professional and uplifting. The service is excellent and everything is explained in great detail before treatment is provided. I have been feeling great since receiving treatment. Thank you so much."
  • "Adjustment

    “My experience was excellent. The doctor was professional,identified what caused my upper back pain in a very short time and answered all my questions. Once identified, the procedure was completed quickly and without causing pain. The receptionist was friendly and very helpful with the questions I had. Did not have to wait long for the doctor to see me.”"
  • "Over the top!

    “I am so impressed with Dr. Boley and his staff. Not only has he taken care of my back issues but when I got a severe head cold, he was able to open my sinuses and relieve the pressure in my ears! Love this office!”"
  • "Always a great experience!"
  • "You guys are awesome. Back feels great. Thank you"
  • "“It is always a very good experience”

    It is always a very good experience. I always see relief from by back problems. This last time was the first time that I had received treatment for my carpal tunnel problems. I can’t believe the improvement. Dr. Boley at Johnson Ranch Chiropractic is the best!"
  • "A Miracle Worker

    For the first time in my life I saw a Chiropractor and am really glad I found Dr. Boley. My only regret is not going sooner."
  • "“Always friendly, super helpful and extremely effective!”"
  • "I’m very happy with Dr Boley and…

    I’m very happy with Dr Boley and Tracy. Always kind and available last minute if needed. Great care with results!"
  • "Very happy with their service.

    Very happy with their service. Friendly staff and knowledgable doctor."
    Vyacheslav “Slavic”
  • "Love them.

    Wouldn’t go any place…Love them. Wouldn’t go any place else!"
  • "Excellent care.

    On time. In and…Excellent care. On time. In and out of the office quickly."
  • "Dr. Boley really helped my wrist problem."
  • "Professional care & great customer service

    “I have been receiving excellent care at Johnson Ranch Chiropractic for a number of years. Dr Boley has treated me for sciatica and back pain. Recently, I visited JRC with damage to my leg from a skiing accident. Before Dr Boley began treatments, he asked that I get an ultrasound to rule out the potential danger of a blood clot. The results were negative and I am recovering under his professional care.”"
    Bruce Ferris
  • "Staff and Dr. is always wonderful.

    Staff and Dr. is always wonderful. Put I came in in pain and the pain didn’t leave for 4 days. I needed to ice and just rest. It is frustrating."
  • "“Always great. Very cautious, and nice people. The most important, the pain goes away”"
  • "My experience was great! The treatments…

    My experience was great! The treatments really made a difference in my immediate pain relief and in my long term health."
  • "Dr. Boley was very informative.

    “Dr. Boley was very informative. He was able to relieve my immediate back pain, suggest improvements to my daily activities, and give me several options for ongoing chiropractic support.”"
  • "“Each day I’m feeling better”

    “I felt horrible physically when I entered the office but came out of the office with a great amount of physical relief. In addition each day that passes I’m feeling better and better. I’ve seen many chiropractors. Dr Boley is by far the best, as IOS professional staff.”"
  • "“Again, I am pleased to say that…”

    “Again, I am pleased to say that the staff of Johnson Ranch Chiropractic have exceeded my expectations. From the front desk staff to the hand shake from Dr. Boley as I leave, all aspects are personal and professional. Bob Kelnhofer Roseville, CA”"
  • "Dr Boley is very good in his chosen…

    “Dr Boley is very good in his chosen profession. He will put you at ease by explaining what he is doing and takes time to answer your questions in a way that you can understand. I would recommend him in the blink of the eye. The personnel working with him are one hundred percent. They always make me feel good to be alive, regardless of how I feel when I come through the door. This is the place to go if you need chiropractic help. Paul Trumm”"
  • "Was a great Experience He Was great…

    Was a great Experience He Was great very friendly ANSI never felt better. His front desk staff was very friendly."
  • "Strongly Recommend

    I want to strongly recommend Dr. Charles Boley II of Johnson Ranch Chiropractic for his exceptionally excellent chiropractic treatment of my sudden onset of very painful lower back and sciatica pain. As a senior doctoral level health practitioner and researcher who has experienced many other health practitioners I want to say that Dr. Boley’s work ranks at the top in terms of his diagnostic and treatment skills. My difficulties began when I started experiencing minor pain during my regular treadmill exercise. Then that pain rapidly increased so that I started having difficulty walking. The pain continued to increase so that I went from a cane to a walker to a wheelchair. At night I would sometimes awaken with excruciating level 10 pain, and struggle with such pain for hours. The resulting sleep deprivation and the intermittent severe pain made life difficult. This was the first time in my life I had ever experienced anything like this."

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Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "Always a good experience!"
  • "Really appreciated being bale to be seen immediately. Thanks."
  • "Quick check-in and treatment. Courteous, friendly, and professional staff. Excellent treatment specific to issues and goals. Thank you!"
  • "Dr. Boley always does an excellent job."
  • "Amazing Chiropractor and Staff!!!"
  • "I appreciate the high level of care I received from Dr. Boley and staff."
  • "Back pain gone…first time in years… couldn’t be happier."
  • "I continue to have great success and would see no other chiropractor. Dr. Boley cares about his patients."
    Teresa P.
  • "This office is great. Very good customer service."
  • "Dr. Boley is the BEST! I wouldn’t think of going to anybody else."

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